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Healthier Weight Center

The Leads Medical Center is unique in that it offers the entire range of interventions, both medical and surgical, designed to reduce not only weight but also the associated health risks. This approach makes good sense from a clinical perspective, as there is growing evidence that early intervention in the seriously obese translates into long-term economic benefits in terms of reduced healthcare costs. Dr Y. Krishna Mohan is the Medical Director of the Center.

Healthier Weight Center at Leads Medical provide healthy, rapid and safe weight loss solutions for thousands of people in the country. Established by Dr Y. Krishna Mohan, one of the India's leading experts in weight management, LMC is committed to bringing the best evidence-based approach to the management of obesity as well as working to develop innovative medical and surgical approaches to treatment

The Leads Medical Center offers:

  • Weight loss programmes
  • Obesity surgery
  • Weight loss products

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